About Our Coffee

The Tarrazú region in Costa Rica, better known as “The Zone of the Saints” produces one of the most exquisite coffee bean harvests of the world. There are three main factors that contribute to this refined bean’s unique quality and unsurpassed flavor.

The first is the elevation of the region. The coffee is grown in the slopes of the Pacific coast at an altitude of between 4,500-6,000 feet above sea level, which by definition produces a bean that is known as “STRICTLY HARD BEAN” (S.H.B.). This is the highest and best classification that can be given to coffee.

The second factor is the species of coffee plants which are used. Scipio Farms strictly uses ARABICA COFFEE with the two main varieties being CATURRA and CATUAI trees which provide a high quality produce with exceptional flavor.

The third and final factor is the climate. There are three main aspects of this unique climate that contribute to the superiority of this coffee crop. They are the precipitation of the region (which is over 78 inches of rainfall annually), the amount of sunlight on the plants (which is an average of 2,150 hours per season), and a well-defined dry season (3-4 months starting in November and completing in March). These three elements come together to create the ideal conditions needed to produce the greatest coffee of Costa Rica and one of the best known coffees throughout the world!

Café Scipio is produced in the Tarrazú region, harmoniously with the environment to insure that future generations will continue to enjoy its rich, distinct and natural flavor.

Thank you for trying our coffee and we look forward to serving your coffee needs in the future!