About Scipio Farms


“To bring high quality coffee to consumers, create positive coffee experiences while maintaining excellence and continued process improvement and innovation in sustainability, conservation, protection and preservation of the indigenous species of the land”.

We produce high-quality, unique and exquisite products, focused on the gourmet, environmentally conscious/responsible consumer.

We do this by working with Coopetarrazu and other experts to create innovation, maintain excellence and sustainability, and continued education and continuous process improvement of the farming of the land and the processing of the coffee beans.

We do this while focusing on the health and welfare of the land and the environment, honoring and respecting the conservation and preservation of the indigenous plant and animal species.


“The highest quality, harvested beans, the finest roast, the most powerful and exquisite flavor, satisfying your coffee needs and desires, one fresh brewed cup at a time”.


Our goal is to provide our consumers, the highest quality, best tasting, products, while maintaining the environment healthy, productive, with focus on sustainability for the local plant and animal species to not only co-exist, but to thrive in unity in the ecosystem.

We will achieve this by working with various experts including, but not limited to biologists, scientists, engineers, local farmers, the Coopetarrazu community, Grupo de Conservacion Los Santos and other organizations to continue with best practice methods of farming, recycling materials, organic methods and zero waste processing.  Innovation, continuous process improvement and a continuous strive for excellence and commitment to our consumers and the health and protection of the environment and the species.


We stand for the highest quality product.

We believe in maintaining a healthy soil, using ecofriendly processes and products, working with the environment for the best method for the highest fruit production, while replacing/replanting as needed and maintaining other plant species to continue to enrich the soil with its organic nutrients, so that the quality of the soil continues to improve and not only maintain the health of the coffee bushes, but also the safety and health of the local plants and animal species.

Core values include: Honesty, Quality, Accountability, Integrity, Passion, Fairness, Continuous Improvement, Commitment and Customer Service.

Our coffee is available online on our website and at the following store:

Regina Farms
5175 Milford Rd
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
(570) 223-8358